Workshop – Developmental Editing

Note: The transcript is available below the video, and sorry about the varying volume. I’ll be using a different program to try mitigating the issue for the next workshop. Thanks for your patience and understanding! Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Author Rescue workshop! I’m Katy, and I run the Author Rescue site, andContinue reading “Workshop – Developmental Editing”

Update: Podcast Launch!

Hi, everyone! I have an exciting update today: Author Rescue now has a podcast! It launched today so it’s starting to appear on major podcasting platforms, and I’ve included details below for a few different ways to access it and other details. I’m so excited to start this journey, and I appreciate your support (andContinue reading “Update: Podcast Launch!”

Why I Use UpWork as a Freelancer

If you’ve looked into freelancing at all, I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories of drafting contracts or clients withholding payment or changing the ask at the last minute to disqualify your work from payment… the list goes on. When I decided to start freelancing, I knew that I needed help in navigating contracts and payments.Continue reading “Why I Use UpWork as a Freelancer”

Four Tricks That Help Me Sit Down and Write

The hardest part about writing is sitting down to do so. I’ve found that once I start, it’s easy to keep going because I pick up momentum very quickly, but actually starting… how can we overcome that hurdle? Here are some habits I’ve picked up to trick myself into getting started so that the wordsContinue reading “Four Tricks That Help Me Sit Down and Write”

The Author Rescue Vision 2023

Hi, everyone! Now that 2023 is underway, I want to give a rundown of Author Rescue and the trajectory we’re shooting for this year (and beyond!). Let’s start with the site structure and what you can expect to find in upcoming weeks and months. Workshops I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be hosting a virtualContinue reading “The Author Rescue Vision 2023”

My Top Five Ghostwriting Mistakes (and How I Fixed Them)

This post is now a podcast episode! You can learn more about the podcast in this post or see what’s already available on the Podcast page in the navigation menu. I’ve been a ghostwriter for a few years, which means I’ve been hired to write books for other people. I signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) soContinue reading “My Top Five Ghostwriting Mistakes (and How I Fixed Them)”

Working From Home – Scheduling Social Time

This might sound ridiculous, but I have to schedule social time into my weeks. Not just because I’ve been setting boundaries to have Wednesdays and Sundays off, but also because if I don’t schedule spending time with my friends and family… it doesn’t happen. I’ve been very diligent in cultivating morning and evening routines, andContinue reading “Working From Home – Scheduling Social Time”

Working From Home – Multitasking vs Meditation

My understandings of multitasking and meditation is that they are complete opposites. They can both be focused on the immediate moment, but multitasking is casting your attention like a net to catch as many stimuli as possible, while meditation is letting stimuli come and go as it pleases but keeping them from sticking for tooContinue reading “Working From Home – Multitasking vs Meditation”

Working From Home – Tracking Your Time

One of the things I’ve struggled with when working from home is tracking my time. I work on so many different projects that I needed a way to see how much time I was spending on each vs. how much time I was spending working per day vs. how much time I was working perContinue reading “Working From Home – Tracking Your Time”

Working From Home – Self-Care Days

It’s hard to differentiate between work days and personal days when you’re working and living in the same space, but taking self-care days for yourself will help keep your work at peak productivity and efficiency. You know how people say, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” all the time? Well it’s true. Taking careContinue reading “Working From Home – Self-Care Days”