The Author Rescue Vision 2023

Hi, everyone! Now that 2023 is underway, I want to give a rundown of Author Rescue and the trajectory we’re shooting for this year (and beyond!). Let’s start with the site structure and what you can expect to find in upcoming weeks and months.


I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be hosting a virtual workshop in mid-March! It will be the first of five planned for 2023, and we’ll be covering developmental editing including what it is, how I use it, and how you can use it too! All of the workshops will include a video presentation with audio, and an accompanying transcript with screenshots from the presentation in case videos aren’t really your thing. The workshop plan so far is:

  1. Developmental Editing (mid-March 2023)
  2. Poetry Workshop (end of April 2023)
  3. Writing a Query Letter (early July 2023)
  4. Beta Reading Workshop (end of September 2023)
  5. How To Set Writing Goals (end of December 2023)

All of the workshops will be pre-recorded for a low stress setting, and they’ll be available in the “Workshops” tab in the site blog menu.

Author 101

This tab is for topics about being an author and everything that entails. I’ll be providing tips and tricks for the creative process, and I’m hoping it will be valuable for new authors and seasoned authors alike! We all get stuck sometimes, so I want this tab to be the place to go when that happens for a refresh and some extra motivation to get back into the writing flow.


This tab is all about crafting stories using existing elements, including what those elements are for those who don’t know. There’s a lot of jargon floating around, so the goal is to remove the barrier for entry and break down what some of these common (and uncommon!) phrases actually mean in the context of storytelling. You’ll be able to find things like genre descriptions, story elements and how to use them, and worldbuilding tips to make your story as immersive and rich as possible.

Questions Lists

This tab will have, you guessed it, lists of questions for all sorts of topics. Things like questions you should ask yourself when writing in specific genres, and questions for other parts of the publishing process like what to ask your beta reader once you’re done. These questions are all things I’ve either asked or been asked in my experience working with stories of all kinds, and while they aren’t formal lists by any means, I’m hoping they’ll be a good starting point that you can tailor for your own author experience.

Marketing Your Book

This tab is all about the marketing and publishing process for books of all kinds, based on both formal training I’ve received and experience I’ve gathered over years of working with books. You’ll be asked to consider your audience, your genre, and your concept in the context of readers. It’s one thing to write a book, it’s quite another to get it in the hands of those who want to read it. Hopefully I can offer some valuable advice in how to get started building an author brand, how to stay on task from outline to the last page, and then how to handle your completed manuscript to get it where it needs to go.


This tab will be all about poetry, which is my creative writing specialty! I’ve been a performance poet for years, and I’ve participated in and hosted multiple poetry workshops to turn a raw idea into a polished piece. I’ll be talking about all the different kinds of poetry, all of the rules (and how to break them in the right way), and how you can find communities that will grow your skills as a poet. Being able to workshop your work, whether by yourself or in a group setting, always improves the end result. Without fail. Which is why I’ll be teaching you exactly how to do it!

Career Writing

I’ve been writing and editing for a living for years, and it’s been so freeing and rewarding that I want to help you do it too if you’re so inclined! I’ll talk about my experience with different types of career writing, from ghostwriting to beta reading, including the mistakes I’ve made along the way and how I improved over time. I’ll also be sharing some outlets for your personal work, and resources for finding open submissions so that you can get your work out there. Even if you’re not interested in writing as a career, I’m hoping you’ll learn about the field in general in case you’ll be interacting with these services from the client side. The creative writing field in general is often misunderstood, so the goal is to demystify the services available, and help them become more accessible.

The Vision

Since I’m working full time and running this website, I currently have my hands full. However, once I settle into my new routine, the plan is to open my schedule up for new clients starting with developmental editing services. I’ll make another update when that happens, probably around the same time as the developmental editing workshop, and in the meantime by Contact page is always open for quotes or other questions you may have about anything Author Rescue.

Thanks for sticking with me through this journey! Let me know if you have anything else you’d like to see incorporated into this vision, and I’ll see you soon!


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