Think your writing could use some rescuing? On the fence? Use the form below to send me an email, I’d love to talk about your project with you! There’s no obligation to set up a contract, and I can give you a quote for the work you potentially want done. Writing projects rarely fit in neat little boxes, so all of my rates are open for negotiation. I can be reached through the contact form below, or you can email me directly at!


I am currently not accepting any new work, but if you want a consultation then I’d be happy to establish a quote for you for when I open up my workflow again! Thank you for your understanding!

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Reviews are in from UpWork!

Developmental Editing

“Where do I begin? Katy is an amazingly gifted creative writer, and I am beyond happy and lucky that she applied to my job post. I was feeling very stuck and unsure about the direction my story should take, but she helped me get out of that with her incredibly helpful ideas/suggestions and questions about my story, which made me reconsider things (in a good way!) and opened my eyes to new possibilities. With Katy’s assistance, I now feel confident to resume writing, and know I will definitely reach out to her again if I have similar issues in the future. She is also very patient, understanding, friendly, and so easy to talk to! From experience here on Upwork, I’ve learned how important it is to feel a good connection with your freelancer, because that helps you work together so much better. With Katy, I felt at ease and excited to create because of that. Without a doubt, I highly recommend her!!”


“This was my second time working with Katy, and she was amazing once again! She has great ideas and communication, is very easy to talk to, and is open to further discussion and changes when necessary. Very highly recommended, and I’ll be sure to reach out to her again if needed in the future!”

Beta Reading

“I cannot say enough great things about Katy. She was a dream to work with and gave me excellent constructive feedback. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and would absolutely work with her again. 5 stars!”


“Could not have asked for a better experience with this writer! She followed my prompt and requests exactly, allowed me to make requests for changes or edits throughout the writing process, and delivered the final product on time and with exceptional talent! Highly recommend”


“Katy is a dependable freelancer who delivers top-notch content on time. She has an attention for detail, and she’s also a strong storyline plotter. With only a story series concept premise, she came up with the summaries for 21-books that consisted of three subseries with seven books each. She’s a pleasure to work with and openly communicates her needs and keeps her communication both friendly and professional. I recommend her 110%! Great contract to have in your corner.”

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