Disclaimers & Policies

  1. I will not ghostwrite academic assignments of any kind, including entrance essays.
  2. These services are meant for content YOU own the rights to. Fanfiction is great, plagiarism is not.
  3. There are no content restrictions for beta reading, but please try to inform me of trigger/content warnings if possible.
  4. I can turn down projects for any reason and at any time outside of established contracts.
  5. I am willing and able to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) forms for your work, and I will never share any of your content without your permission.
  6. Please remain courteous in all interactions with me, and with others in commenting sections of this site. I can and will delete and/or block content that I deem inappropriate.
  7. I establish and work within contracts via the UpWork freelancing platform. You do not have to create an account on the site in order to work with me, but it will be used to process contract specifics and funds. This is to ensure the safety of you as a client and myself as a freelancer.

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