Poetry: Slam & Spoken Word

Slam poetry and spoken word poetry have entered more of the mainstream poetry sphere, but what is it exactly? How do I find more of it? How do I write it for myself? Here’s what I’ve learned as a slam poet myself, and how I broke into my first scene. What is spoken word poetry?Continue reading “Poetry: Slam & Spoken Word”

Workshop – Developmental Editing

Note: The transcript is available below the video, and sorry about the varying volume. I’ll be using a different program to try mitigating the issue for the next workshop. Thanks for your patience and understanding! Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Author Rescue workshop! I’m Katy, and I run the Author Rescue site, andContinue reading “Workshop – Developmental Editing”

Storytelling: Dialogue & Perspective

Writing dialogue is a huge part of writing in general. Whether you’re working on a novel or a screenplay or a web comic, it’s highly likely that your characters will need to interact amongst themselves, plus internal dialogue for the reader to follow along with your POV character. There are a lot of different approaches,Continue reading “Storytelling: Dialogue & Perspective”

Marketing Your Book: Building An Author Platform

This post is now a podcast episode! You can learn more about the podcast in this post. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “author platform” thrown around, but what does it actually mean? Here’s my understanding, according to personal experience and classes I took in college while working towards my degree. What does “platform” mean?Continue reading “Marketing Your Book: Building An Author Platform”

Arcs vs. Tropes vs. Motifs

This post is now a podcast episode! You can learn more about the podcast in this post. I’m sure you’ve heard the words “arc” and “trope” and “motif” thrown around, but… what do they mean? What’s the difference? Is there a difference? Yes there is, which is why I decided to make a post aboutContinue reading “Arcs vs. Tropes vs. Motifs”

Storytelling: Show vs. Tell

One of the most common pieces of writing advice that gets thrown around is “show, don’t tell” but there are countless variations of pushback against this (things like “show emotion, tell feeling”), and just as many authors who live by this rule steadfastly. So what does it mean? Why are the opinions so divided? Here’sContinue reading “Storytelling: Show vs. Tell”

Why I Use UpWork as a Freelancer

If you’ve looked into freelancing at all, I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories of drafting contracts or clients withholding payment or changing the ask at the last minute to disqualify your work from payment… the list goes on. When I decided to start freelancing, I knew that I needed help in navigating contracts and payments.Continue reading “Why I Use UpWork as a Freelancer”

Four Tricks That Help Me Sit Down and Write

The hardest part about writing is sitting down to do so. I’ve found that once I start, it’s easy to keep going because I pick up momentum very quickly, but actually starting… how can we overcome that hurdle? Here are some habits I’ve picked up to trick myself into getting started so that the wordsContinue reading “Four Tricks That Help Me Sit Down and Write”

Storytelling for Authors: Character Design

This post is now a podcast episode! I’ll embed a link as soon as it’s live, but in the meantime you can learn more about the podcast in this post and see what’s already available on the Podcast page in the navigation menu. You can have the most dynamic and interesting plot ever, but ifContinue reading “Storytelling for Authors: Character Design”

Update: Weekly Mirror Call

Hi, everyone! Starting June 4, 2022, I’m going to start hosting weekly mirror calls via Microsoft Teams. Mirroring is a fascinating phenomenon that boosts productivity, and with how many side projects I have going, I could certainly use the boost! The idea is that by sharing a space (virtual or otherwise) with someone who isContinue reading “Update: Weekly Mirror Call”