Workshop – Developmental Editing

Note: The transcript is available below the video, and sorry about the varying volume. I’ll be using a different program to try mitigating the issue for the next workshop. Thanks for your patience and understanding! Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Author Rescue workshop! I’m Katy, and I run the Author Rescue site, andContinue reading “Workshop – Developmental Editing”

Working From Home – Scheduling Social Time

This might sound ridiculous, but I have to schedule social time into my weeks. Not just because I’ve been setting boundaries to have Wednesdays and Sundays off, but also because if I don’t schedule spending time with my friends and family… it doesn’t happen. I’ve been very diligent in cultivating morning and evening routines, andContinue reading “Working From Home – Scheduling Social Time”

Working From Home – Multitasking vs Meditation

My understandings of multitasking and meditation is that they are complete opposites. They can both be focused on the immediate moment, but multitasking is casting your attention like a net to catch as many stimuli as possible, while meditation is letting stimuli come and go as it pleases but keeping them from sticking for tooContinue reading “Working From Home – Multitasking vs Meditation”

Working From Home – Tracking Your Time

One of the things I’ve struggled with when working from home is tracking my time. I work on so many different projects that I needed a way to see how much time I was spending on each vs. how much time I was spending working per day vs. how much time I was working perContinue reading “Working From Home – Tracking Your Time”

Working From Home – Self-Care Days

It’s hard to differentiate between work days and personal days when you’re working and living in the same space, but taking self-care days for yourself will help keep your work at peak productivity and efficiency. You know how people say, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” all the time? Well it’s true. Taking careContinue reading “Working From Home – Self-Care Days”

Working From Home – Staying Healthy & Hydrated

Before you read this post, go drink some water (we both know you’re dehydrated). Back? Okay, here are my thoughts on staying healthy and hydrated when working from home. Working in an office or for a job where you punch in and out, you’re given set breaks in which you can eat food and recoverContinue reading “Working From Home – Staying Healthy & Hydrated”

Working From Home – Social Media as A Freelancer

People are usually in one of two camps when it comes to social media: love it or hate it. In my personal life I enjoy scrolling through social media as a passive consumer, but actively creating social media posts stresses me out. However, it’s an important part of finding work and *building your brand* asContinue reading “Working From Home – Social Media as A Freelancer”

Working From Home – Hitting Word Counts

As a freelance writer, most of my work revolves around hitting word counts. This was a difficult transition to make, mostly because I only had a very shaky concept of what 10,000 words looked like, or 30,000 or 70,000… they were all just numbers that felt too big to tackle. But I figured it out,Continue reading “Working From Home – Hitting Word Counts”

Working From Home – Starting the Week Off Right

Everyone laments about Mondays, but it’s actually one of my favorite days of the week when working from home. It’s a chance to get excited about the projects I’m working on before beginning a push to make progress towards deadlines and, ultimately, my overall goals as a freelancer. Here are the three things I doContinue reading “Working From Home – Starting the Week Off Right”

Career Writing: Freelance Writing Tools

There are apps for just about everything under the sun, and if you’re anything like me, then you lean pretty heavily on your phone in everyday life. If you’re working from home like me, you can leverage your phone to help keep yourself on track. Here are five apps I use, why I use them,Continue reading “Career Writing: Freelance Writing Tools”