Working From Home – Starting the Week Off Right

Everyone laments about Mondays, but it’s actually one of my favorite days of the week when working from home. It’s a chance to get excited about the projects I’m working on before beginning a push to make progress towards deadlines and, ultimately, my overall goals as a freelancer. Here are the three things I do to make sure I’m starting the week off right. Maybe it’ll help you love Mondays again (or at least hate them a little less).

1. Breakfast

I’m sure you’ve heard the merits of starting your day with a good breakfast, so let me join the chorus. I start every day the same way: with a bowl of my favorite oatmeal and a chai latte. It’s quick and easy for me because I just boil water and then wait about five minutes for my food to set/steep and then I’m good to go. I also read whatever book I currently have checked out from the library. It’s a way for me to take a moment to relax before I jumpstart my day.

2. Reading

I just mentioned reading, but once I’m done with breakfast I take about 10-15 minutes to read quick articles on Deepstash (which I talk about in this post). For me, it gets my brain moving and into a more analytical headspace that helps me approach my work in a more purposeful way. My feed on Deepstash focuses on productivity and entrepreneurial mindsets, and so it’s another way to get excited about my work before I tackle my tasks of the day. Speaking of…

3. Planning

As I’ve mentioned before I use weekly and daily spreads in my bullet journal to keep myself on task. At the start of a week, I migrate all of my tasks into a new spread, and then I break down those tasks into whatever I need to get done on Monday. Copying everything over reminds me of what I’m currently working on, and having a shiny and new list makes my planner heart very happy.

These are the top three things I do every single Monday morning, and they’re the reason why Mondays are both important and positive in my freelancing career. Hopefully you can find a similar spin so that you can hate Mondays a little less. My advice is to think of them like a new year: the chance to start fresh, and to reapply yourself to your goals with purpose and enthusiasm.

What do you think? Do you hate Mondays, or have you come to love them the way I do? Let me know in the comments!


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