Working From Home – Bullet Journaling Calendar Spreads

It’s safe to say that bullet journaling is what holds my life together. As other dedicated BuJo planners will tell you, it’s a fun and efficient way to manage tasks and keep track of all the balls you’re juggling so that you (hopefully) don’t drop any.

As a freelancer, I’m in charge of managing everything about my career, which can be daunting at times. I have to keep track of not only the contracts I’ve been hired to do, but also when I was hired, project deadlines, how much and when I’m getting paid for them, plus my everyday life that I fit in between my blocks of working time. I almost exclusively use weekly and daily spreads, which is what I’ll be sharing with you today. Here’s how I do it.

This is a view of a blank beginning to a week, to this week actually. On the left I have room for listing all of the balls I currently have in the air, and on the right is a one-page daily spread for Monday. In the daily spread I have:

  • Room for time tracking in 20-minute increments (which I’ll be talking about later)
  • A list of daily tasks that I like to keep track of
  • My top priorities for the day so that I know where to focus my energy
  • A notes section where I can keep track of the tasks I worked on for that particular day. This can be useful for helping me remember when I started a project or when big milestones reached completion.

Below are what the spreads look like filled out. On the left you can see a list of tasks that I need to keep track of that are color-coded according to a personal system. Color coding works wonders for me, and I highly recommend using it if you want to see the distribution of task types in a list. As you can see, I’ve marked a few of the tasks as being in-progress (a slash through the color dot) and a few as completed (a slash through the color dot and the entry crossed out).

On the right, you can see the time tracking and task list that I set out for the day. By using my mildliners, I can see at a glance that in this hypothetical day I got two large chunks of work done, had two meal breaks, and napped longer than I intended (oops). I also have a block of orange at the end which is the color for hobby activities. I try to end each day by doing something that makes me excited about my life, which in this case is a personal writing project that may or may not appear on Author Rescue in the future…

What do you think of these spreads? What spreads do you use? Let me know in the comments!


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