NaNoWriMo 2021 – Second Week Check-In

I apologize for the lack of content this month still! I had a bit of a family emergency and it took up quite a bit of my time. Between my contracts and keeping up with my word counts for NaNoWriMo, I’ve been a bit short on time. Next week, since we’ll officially be halfway throughContinue reading “NaNoWriMo 2021 – Second Week Check-In”

NaNoWriMo 2021 – First Week Check-In

Sorry for the lack of posts so far this month! I’ve been busy with work and, of course, NaNoWriMo! Here’s a screenshot of my progress over the first seven days of the challenge: I’ve managed to hit my word count every day so far, so I have high hopes for the rest of the month.Continue reading “NaNoWriMo 2021 – First Week Check-In”

Finding A NaNoWriMo Community

NaNoWriMo has a huge community on the main website, where you can find other authors (both aspiring and established) who are participating in the challenge. When you sign up, it gives you access to a number of features that will help you throughout the month. Your profile is a good opportunity to practice describing yourContinue reading “Finding A NaNoWriMo Community”

Making A NaNoWriMo Schedule

Here’s another post for my fellow bullet journalers! I love any excuse to make a new, fancy, aesthetic spread in my bujo, and NaNoWriMo 2021 is the perfect opportunity to do so. The spread I made has two parts to it, a word count tracker and a writing plan: The word count tracker is prettyContinue reading “Making A NaNoWriMo Schedule”

Vision Boards for Creative Writing

I’m sure you’ve heard of vision boards before, where you take pictures and quotes that embody your vision (whether it’s for your work life, personal life, or just life in general) and you collage everything onto a board that keeps you motivated towards your goals. I’ve worked with similar vision boards, but I’ve learned thatContinue reading “Vision Boards for Creative Writing”

Explaining Word Counts

With NaNoWriMo coming up, you’re probably seeing word counts being thrown around. The creators of the challenge set up 50,000 words as the goal for the month of November, but what does that actually look like? Here are some books you may know, and their associated word counts. The Picture of Dorian Gray by OscarContinue reading “Explaining Word Counts”

Storytelling for Authors: Refining An Outline

I talked about making an outline last week in this post, but… now what? I have never, not even once, created a perfect outline on the first try. Which means that there is always a step where you refine an existing creative outline. Let’s look at the outline I made last week: 1. Character AContinue reading “Storytelling for Authors: Refining An Outline”

Storytelling for Authors: Making An Outline

I’ve given advice about when to make an outline, but today I’m going to dive in on how you can make an outline. There are plenty of ways to go about it, so you’ll have to find the way that works best for you. You can take or leave any part of this process, butContinue reading “Storytelling for Authors: Making An Outline”

Preptober: The Snowflake Method

There are a bunch of different ways to approach outlining a story, but one of my favorites is the snowflake, also called fractal, method. Put simply, it’s a process of expanding an outline from a small idea and fleshing it out into a big one. Here’s how it works: Start Small If you had toContinue reading “Preptober: The Snowflake Method”

Preptober: Making A Plan

Preptober is one of my favorite times of the year because it’s full of possibility. Sure, NaNoWriMo is looming on the horizon, but for now we get to do all of the planning, which means fun spreads in my bullet journal and brainstorming. To start with, here’s how I set up my main Preptober spread:Continue reading “Preptober: Making A Plan”