Finding A NaNoWriMo Community

NaNoWriMo has a huge community on the main website, where you can find other authors (both aspiring and established) who are participating in the challenge. When you sign up, it gives you access to a number of features that will help you throughout the month. Your profile is a good opportunity to practice describing your work (and yourself) to potential readers, it has space for adding your favorite books and authors so that you can find like-minded writers, and it even keeps track of how many words you’ve written!

In my experience, authors gravitate towards one another, which makes this platform perfect for making and keeping new writing friends. You can create or join a writing group to help each other through writer’s block or even just to keep up enthusiasm throughout the month (and beyond!), and you can be “buddies” with other users so that you can each keep track of the other’s progress. There’s also space for multiple projects that you can “announce” on your profile, which can help you get psyched about your writing journey.

Writing is better with friends, so I highly recommend the NaNoWriMo platform as a way to start finding your support community. It’s a way to stay accountable and also give your buddies a boost of encouragement when they start to stall, and they can return the favor when you inevitably stall, because writing is hard! It’s hard, but it’s fun and worth it, which is why having a community by your side is so rewarding.

If you decide to join the challenge this year, or if you’ve already joined and are looking for buddies, you can always add me on the NaNoWriMo platform! I’d love to write with you this November, so here’s my NaNoWriMo profile, let’s be friends!


2 thoughts on “Finding A NaNoWriMo Community

  1. I’ve added you! I am still on the fence whether I am taking part this year. I really, really want to, but don’t know if it is realistic for me this year because of work commitments

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    1. I accepted! I felt the same way about work, especially since I write for a living, but I hope you’ll join even just to plan for next year. And if not, that’s okay, too! It’s always fun to just come along for the ride 🙂 thanks for adding me!


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