Working From Home – Workspace and Supplies

I’ve found that when working from home, having a workspace with a logical flow will make or break your productivity. As I’ve mentioned, I use a bullet journal to hold my life together, which means that I need to have it within reach while I’m working. I’ll go more in-depth on the spreads I use later, but the point is that I use it so often that it has to be a part of my working environment. Same goes for my most common writing tools, which I keep in an elephant mug right next to my laptop:

In the mug are my go-to supplies:

I’ve linked them so that you can see the products I use, but I do not have affiliate links set up so they’re just for reference. I also have some fun pencils in there that I found at the dollar store because every time I reach for something they make me smile.

Armed with these supplies and my trusty bullet journal, I also have my laptop set up with a mouse and ergonomic mousepad since I spend so much time on my computer. Trackpads are fine for an hour or so, but if you’re scrolling through tens of thousands of words then that’s when you wish for a scroll wheel. And of course, on any given work day, I can be found at my desk with a chai latte in my Hufflepuff mug:

I’m not saying that having these supplies will make your freelancing career take off, but I’m saying that these supplies streamline my work because I have tailored them to do so. If you don’t spend a lot of time scrolling through documents, then having a mouse might just get in your way. If you only use a few pens throughout the day, then having an entire mug for them doesn’t make sense.

My suggestion would be to evaluate your work tasks before you start tackling your workspace. Think of all the supplies you use, when you use them, and where you wish they were for easy access. Design your space around your unique freelancing career and it’ll all fall into place. Good luck, and feel free to let me know how it goes!


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